C Kelley Photography LLC | About

I am a visual storyteller.  I record people living their lives... smiling, laughing, celebrating... birthdays, holidays, graduation, engagements, weddings, retirements.  My images reflect the heart and soul of the fleeting moments I've been invited to capture.  Creating images that become family heirlooms is my passion.    

I'm a southern gal, a wife, mom, grandmom, gardener, dancing queen AND Photographer.  I am self-taught. I remember my first camera, the Kodak Instamatic. I guess that is telling you my age... I was constantly snapping photos of the people around me ("Oh no! Here comes Carla again!") and my surroundings.  I purchased my first serious digital camera in 2011 and have been focused on telling just the right story in each photograph ever since.

I hope you will allow me to capture your fleeting moments... moments that will never exist again....

The world is a beautiful place.